About McGann

Proven marketing & media expertise you can trust.

Who used to be media sellers.

Every single media opportunity is perfect for something. Just not for everything.

Our savvy team of experts grew up in the industry, selling television, outdoor, digital and print advertising and working in national media-buying agencies. Today, this background gives us a huge advantage, creating integrated, holistic media plans that leverage the strengths of traditional and digital media opportunities.

At the best possible rates.

» Put another way:

If you built your career in automotive sales, chances are you’ll negotiate a better deal on your next vehicle purchase.

The result? With McGann Media Group, you will work with an integrated, accountable team of media professionals who are hyper-focused on making you happy — by exceeding your expectations.

In addition to our background, our boutique size allows us to be more personal, more nimble and more responsive in our approach.

And making you a rock star.

McGann on the qualities of a great teammate

“I think this is more of a lifestyle than a job. You have to be competent, capable and care enough to stay really connected and up on trends. And you need to be 100% honest and transparent. These are the qualities I look for in every person I add to our team.”

We’re for animals.

There is an old proverb: “Tell me who you’re with, and I can tell you who you are.”

For most of us at McGann Media Group, when we’re not working on client business, you’ll find us with the animals.

We are advocates. We are passionate about eradicating animal abuse and neglect and put our volunteer hours and pro-bono efforts into assisting various animal rescue and pet adoption causes throughout central Ohio and across the country.

No matter what you’re into, we respect everyone’s causes. For us, it’s animals. This is what we do.

And who we are.

McGann on volunteering

“I want everyone on my team to be able to put their efforts into causes they are passionate about. For me, that has always been helping animals. When a life had been saved and you see that animal thrive in a healthy environment, for me, there is no greater feeling in the world.”

This business is a relationship business.

It’s the relationship between brands and brains. Between “message sent” and “message received.” Between client and partner.

McGann Media Group works with agency partners and directly with clients to forge relationships that are built to last.

  • Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your goals, benchmarks and KPIs.
  • We then build a customized model based on those goals.
  • We actively monitor, refine and optimize to respond to evolving behaviors.
  • Finally, our detailed reporting provides 100% clarity and accountability for campaign performance.

While every campaign has unique goals, our goal is your sustained success over time.